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23 February 2014
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23 February 2014, Comments: 0

In a major direction shift and move to increase the efficiency and the standard of service expected by today’s mobile and global customer base, Fingerprints Plus have raised the bar and established itself as the pioneer of providing on-line services to the extent it is possible given the regulatory framework , need for customer privacy, security of personal information and data.

Fingerprints Plus clients from all across Canada and the globe can now expect utmost security of
their personal information and the efficiency of the digital age. Customers can now log in and
complete their online applicant data forms before arrival and be in/out after fingerprinting for
their “Criminal Record Check” in approximately 10 minutes instead of half an hour.

The international as well as customers living in remote places within Canada can have their ink
roll or paper based fingerprints processed digitally and be assured of fast and trustworthy
service. Same security and faster service is now available to our customers for processing their
“Record Suspension and/or US Entry Waiver Services” from all across Canada and globally.

Ranjit Saini, the architect behind the digital transformation of Fingerprints Plus thanked Aamir
Hussain, Project Manager ( for an outstanding job in meeting the standards of
tight regulatory requirement as well as expectations of the today’s mobile and global customers.

Fingerprints Plus customers can now rightfully expect, “Savings & Peace of Mind”

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