For people who have lived in Canada or are a Canadian citizen landed immigrant and are currently living abroad, obtaining a certified criminal record check from RCMP could become a very challenging and time consuming exercise. For other people who are living in remote places within Canada that aren’t served by a digital fingerprinting agency or a police service, the task of obtaining a certified criminal record check is equally challenging and time consuming. The current length of time to process ink roll fingerprints for a Canadian Police Record Check from RCMP can be more than 3 months. To add to this issue there is a real risk that the fingerprints submitted may even be rejected due to their quality.  Fingerprints Plus has invested time and resources in making this process simple and efficient. If you are looking for an answer for the question, “How to obtain certified criminal record check or Police clearance from Canada quickly?” Fingerprints Plus will definitely offer you the most ideal answer.

How Fingerprints Plus does helps in obtaining a Certified Criminal Record Check from Canada?

Obtaining a Certified Criminal Record Check from Canada, while living in India, UAE, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan, Europe, Argentina, Mexico or any other country has been made easy and error free by Fingerprints Plus. We can also help those living in remote places within Canada. We have developed a process in which you can receive a Canadian Criminal Record Check-certificate that will ensure your time and money is not lost in un-necessary couriers or mail charges. We have served clients from India, Japan, Australia and other countries and developed this process in the best interest of our customers.

We ask you to follow this simple and convenient process and we will deliver the RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check quickly and efficiently and with little hassle and minimal cost.

Fingerprints Plus, Card Scan process for persons living abroad or in remote places in Canada:

1.        The perspective client sends us an enquiry by filling out the form on our website.

2.        Fingerprints Plus will provide a user name and password to access an on-line form and provide applicable payment for advice for administration charges. We will normally respond to an enquiry form within 24 hours.

3.        The client must now complete the form and make the initial payment via credit card through a secure link. Alternatively they can request that someone in Canada pay us directly.

4.        Fingerprints Plus will now check the accuracy of the data and provide the client with Fingerprinting forms and samples of completed forms. This will help to avoid errors and delays when applying for a Canadian Police Record Check.

5.        The client can then take the forms to the local police station or accredited fingerprinting agency where they will take the fingerprints. They will then sign the forms and apply the stamp/insignia as proof of having performed the fingerprinting.

6.        The client scans the fingerprints and uploads a copy to our secure website.

7.        Fingerprints Plus checks the quality of the Fingerprints and advises the client to courier/mail the original forms.

8.        Fingerprints Plus receives the Fingerprints and verifies their quality. Fingerprints Plus will then advise the client to make the card scan process plus any applicable RCMP fee.

9.        The client will then make the payment on a secure website via credit card or has someone local to come and make a payment on their behalf.

10.     Fingerprints Plus will process the Fingerprints and convert the received Fingerprints into digital images and submit them to RCMP through Electronic transmission.

11.     RCMP completes the criminal record check and sends the certified criminal record check to the desired address.

Who should receive the Certified Criminal Record Check from RCMP?

A Certified Criminal Record Check is a private and confidential matter and as such care should be taken as to how it is handled and who has access to it. While considering should receive the report please keep in mind the following notes:

1.        RCMP will only send one report and by ordinary mail only. NO COURIER, NO REGISTERED MAIL AND NO SECOND OR THIRD COPY.

2.        You need to choose one of the following:

a.        Yourself (Applicant)

b.        Fingerprints Plus

c.        Designated third Party (response address that is different from your home address)

3.        The person or agency that is designated as the recipient of the results “is the only party who may make an enquiry to RCMP should there be a delay”. Unless you choose to appoint us, Fingerprints Plus will not be able to make any enquiry to RCMP.

4.        Should there be a delay in receiving the results; Fingerprints Plus will supply all necessary reference numbers to the appointed receiver. As well as the email address and phone numbers of the RCMP from where an enquiry can be made. We will help in any way we can to make obtaining and enquiring about a Certified Criminal Record Check an easy process,

5.        If chosen by the applicant as the receiving party, Fingerprints Plus will  perform the following:

a.        Make an enquiry if required from RCMP for no additional costs.

b.        Scan the results when received and email a PDF copy to the client for no additional cost.

c.        Register Mail or courier the original report to the client’s home address for the cost of the postage.

d.        Fingerprints Plus will guarantee you that it will perform this service within one business day of receiving the results from RCMP.

6.        Fingerprints Plus follows a very strict privacy policy and will not provide the report to anyone other than the authorized person.

7.        We strongly recommend to our clients to consider logistics and privacy concerns in mind while making this decision.

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