Employee Criminal Background Check

Individual Applicants:

 Name Check/Police Check: $35.00

(Includes a report copy via email within 24 hours and certified original by mail thereafter)


Certified Criminal Record Check (Digital Fingerprints) $75.00


Electronic submission of your fingerprints to RCMP C-216C form

A hardcopy of your fingerprints printed on RCMP approved printers

Where necessary, we will forward a Fingerprints processing confirmation

A certified criminal record check from RCMP by mail

*Please note that if a criminal record check needs to be done because Name Check /Police Check carried out by Fingerprints Plus has failed to issue a certificate due to a match, and Fingerprints must be done as a result, a discounted price of $60.00 will apply and it includes RCMP processing fee of $25.00


Paper based Fingerprints on Form C-216C

Ink less Pad and Roll (taken digitally and printed on papers: $45.00


2 sets (one for use as back for loss in mail or damage)

Printing on RCMP/FBI approved printer

Guaranteed not to fail for fingerprint quality

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