Our Story

Our story began in 2003 when Ranjit Sohal founded Fingerprints Plus. At this time we were one of the few privately owned fingerprinting agency which took civilian fingerprints and submitted them to the RCMP for Certified Criminal Record Checks. Ranjit Sohal and his wife operated the business and served the residents of Brampton, Mississauga, Woodbridge and Etobicoke along with other cities around the Greater Toronto Area. Mr. Sohal and Fingerprints Plus quickly gained a reputation for delivering a high standard of service.

Unfortunately, Mr. Ranjit Sohal died on May 12th, 2012. Surinder Sohal decided to look for a partner or someone to take over the business. Ranjit Saini was a close friend of the Sohal family and so came on board to Fingerprints Plus. After taking over the business it was important to him that the firm continue to deliver its service based on the original values that the company had become so known for.  Surinder Sohal is still involved in the business and performs the fingerprints.

With Ranjit Sohal’s guidance, Fingerprints Plus also offered additional services such as immigration consultancy, translation and interpreter services. In recent times the business has changed direction somewhat. Fingerprints Plus is now exclusively focussed on Criminal Record Checks and on processes related to the results, such as Record Suspension (Pardons) and USA Entry Waiver.

As we are now specialists in our field, we can strive to find solutions to solve commonly occurring problems. We know that the digital process has many benefits that outweigh the traditional ink-roll alternative. Results are significantly faster (72 hours compared to up to 3 months), and the prints are less likely to be rejected. We continue to invest in the latest digital fingerprinting technologies so that we, at Fingerprints Plus can offer the quickest and most reliable service to our clients, be they residents of Canada or worldwide.

However, there are still instances where ink-roll fingerprints are still required. Despite the obvious drawbacks to this system Fingerprints Plus have a solution; the card scan. This technology enables us to take a digital copy of ink-roll prints. These can then be submitted electronically which will improve the speed that they can be processed. We can have certified criminal records check within 72 hours. The additional benefit to our scanning facility is that we are able to offer a far more reliable service as the possibility of fingerprint rejection is removed. Our clients can have peace of mind when working with us to process their ink-roll or digital fingerprints.

Ranjit Saini is the current President of Cricket Canada (2nd term, the national governing body of the sport in Canada. Mr Saini has senior management experience in the Aerospace industry as a Director of Quality. Highly focussed on the process details to eliminate or significantly reduce errors; Ranjit Saini’s core drive for Fingerprints Plus is to do it right, the first time and deliver the results in a timely manner. Customer service has been raised to an exceptionally high level.

People who require the services of Fingerprints Plus are able to access it at their convenience and don’t even need to take time off work as weekend and evening hours are also available. The quality of the fingerprints taken is so high that there has been no known incident where fingerprints submitted by Fingerprints Plus have been rejected.

Fingerprints Plus is easily accessible by TTC, Brampton Transit and Mississauga Transit. It is within minutes from major highways such as 427, 407, 401 and 410. There is not much traffic in the area and free parking is available in abundance. Most of our clients come from Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton, and Woodbridge. Milton, Oakville, Bolton Caledon municipalities.

Currently Ranjit and Fingerprints Plus are making significant improvements to the service by updating the online facilities available. We are now able to offer many more services through our website.

All processes at Fingerprints Plus are delivered to a high standard by maintaining our core mission of serving our clients well. “Expect Savings & Peace of Mind”

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