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“This service is exclusively for the use of persons that have lived in Canada and are currently living abroad”

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Get your Certified Criminal Record Check from Canada without any hassle.

For persons that have lived in Canada are currently living abroad, obtaining a Certified criminal record check from Canada, or Police Certificate from Canada could become very challenging and time consuming exercise. Current resident of Canada that are living in remote places in Canada that only have access to Ink Roll fingerprinting and need to obtain a certified criminal record check from Canada is equally challenging and time consuming. Fingerprints Plus has invested heavily in developing secure and accurate process to convert ink roll fingerprints to digital images and submit them electronically to obtain certified Criminal Record Check-Police Certificate from Canada.

Fingerprints Plus is an industry recognised and 5 star rated service providing certified Criminal record Check, Police Certificate from Canada services to persons that have lived in Canada and are now living abroad.Our process guarantees safety and security of your personal data, an on-line fast paced, error free processing, quick and accurate processing. We have helped hundreds of satisfied customers in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Europe, South America, Africa and USA.

Ink Roll Fingerprints (Paper submissions) are no longer accepted by RCMP:

As of July 2014, RCMP is no longer accepting paper based, ink & roll fingerprints directly to provide Certified Criminal Record Check from Canada. You need to send them to an RCMP accredited Fingerprint submission agency that will convert them to digital images and upload the the electronic fingerprints to obtain the certified criminal record check from Canada, or police certificate from Canada as this is also known as. This is where we come in and provide you with a convenient and guaranteed service.

We ensure all the way that no errors are made and no loss or delay occurs due to in-accurate information/documents being submitted in extra courier costs and resulting delays. Our website is secure and encrypted as well as a firewall protects your data. Our response time to any of your inquiries is less than 24 hours-7 days week.

How Fingerprints Plus does helps in obtaining a Certified Criminal Record Check from Canada, Police Certificate from Canada?

We ask you to follow the simplified and convenient process and it we will deliver the RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check efficiently and without much hassle. All we ask you is to follow a very simple process.

The process steps are:

  1. We ask you to send us an email, that tells us the purpose of on obtaining the certified Criminal record check from Canada, police certificate from Canada.
  2. We will send you a link and request that you complete on line form. We will also provide you the detailed instructions as to what you need to fill in certain special areas of the form based on your stated purpose provided to us in the email by you.
  3. Once you have completed the on-line form, it will generate few forms at our end. Fingerprints Plus will review your submission and send you necessary documents to you along with instructions and samples. (within 24 hours-7 days a week or less)
  4. You will complete the fingerprinting at your local police station/accredited agency
  5. Scan the completed forms and email us a copy.
  6. Fingerprints Plus will review the completed forms and send you a courier/mail advice (24 hours or less..7 days a week, saves you time and costly rejections!)
  7. You will send the completed forms by mail/courier to the address given in the courier advice. (This saves you costs as an extra courier to the processing center is avoided by having done a prior review)
  8. After we have received your original documents, Fingerprints Plus will process the fingerprints and send them digitally to RCMP
  9. RCMP after processing mails the certified Criminal Check from Canada -Police Certificate to the response address.

Please note

RCMP will only send one report by ordinary mail and to one address only. NO COURIER, NO REGISTERED MAIL AND NO SECOND OR THIRD COPY.

We will advise you when to make the payment. We prefer to be paid through PayPal from overseas and e-transfer from within Canada.

Who should receive the RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check from Canada, Police Certificate from Canada?

The Certified Criminal Record Check from Canada, Police Certificate from Canada is a private and confidential matter for you and as such care should be taken as to how it is handled and who has access to it. While considering as to who may or should receive the report please keep in view that only the person/organisation listed in the response address may make any enquiries from RCMP should there be a delay or the document is lost in the mail etc. For persons living abroad, this could poise a serious issue due to time differences and access to communication tools.

You have options to choose a response address from:

  • Yourself (Applicant)… Only you can make enquiries if there is an issue
  • Fingerprints Plus or….We are authorized to do the necessary follow up on your behalf
  • Designated third Party (response address that is different from your home address).Only your designated 3rd party can do the follow up if needed.

Please note that due to privacy laws, the person or agency that is designated as the recipient of the results “is the only party who may make an enquiry from RCMP, should there be a delay or mail is lost for some reason”.Fingerprints Plus can only make enquiries from RCMP if it was designated as response address.

Should there be a delay in receiving the results, Fingerprints Plus will happily supply to the receiving party as designated in the response address, all necessary reference numbers, email address and phone numbers of the RCMP, from where an enquiry can be made.

Fingerprints Plus if appointed by the applicant as the receiving party will perform the following:
  1. Make an enquiry if required from RCMP… No additional costs
  2. Scan the results when received and send a PDF copy to the client No cost
  3. Register mail or courier original report to the client’s home address and we will provide you the tracking number and image of the mail sent by us.
  4. Fingerprints Plus guarantees that it will perform this service within one business day of receiving the results from RCMP.

Please also note that Fingerprints Plus follows a very strict privacy policy and WILL NOT provide the report to anyone other than duly authorized person by the client in writing which is duly notarized and provided to us directly by our customer either by mail or through the secure customer account. We strongly recommend to our clients to consider logistics and privacy concerns in mind while making this decision.