Card Scan Announcement

22 February 2014
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22 February 2014, Comments: 0

Fingerprints Plus is pleased to announce its much improved global service to help Canadians and/or former residents of Canada that are living abroad to obtain “Certified Criminal Record  search results from RCMP”.  The service is also available to Canadians residents that don’t have access to digital fingerprinting to obtain their search results faster.
The service is provided on line over the secure servers and the communication with clients is fully
protected through encryption. The operating procedures have been designed to ensure that the
rejections if any from RCMP for the quality of the fingerprints are minimised and/or eliminated.
This saves delays as well as costs caused by the submission of incomplete and/or inaccurate

As part of the process customers are requested to create a “Customer Login Account and fill an on-
line form”. From there on all communications are restricted through secure login only. Applicant is
provided with forms that are ready for fingerprinting and submission for digital conversion and
electronic submission to RCMP.

Ranjit Saini, the person behind the continual improvement of the Fingerprints Plus said that “We
are now looking after our customers in the most efficient way possible and would continually look
for more opportunities as they become available.”

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