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In a major direction shift and move to increase the efficiency and the standard of service expected by today’s mobile and global customer base, Fingerprints Plus have raised the bar and established itself as the pioneer..

Card Scan Announcement

Fingerprints Plus is pleased to announce its much improved global service to help Canadians and/or former residents of Canada that are living abroad to obtain “Certified Criminal Record search results from RCMP”. The service is also available to Canadians..

Who we are and what we do?

We are a Canadian Company  serving persons living in Canada as well as persons that have lived in Canada and are now living abroad. We specialize  in processing of applications for a  Certified Criminal Record Check from Canada. Record Suspension Applications and USA Enrey Waiver Applications. Fingerprint Plus is a 5 star rated company which thrives on customer satisfaction. We have global reach and serve customers from all over the world as well as people living in Canada.  We operate from a secure and fire walled website to ensure the protection and safety of your personal data. We operate b7 days a week and offer services during day as well as evenings.

Fingerprinting and fingerprint conversion Services:

We provide digital fingerprinting and services to convert ink roll finger prints to digital images for electronic submissions to RCMP for obtaining Certified criminal record check from check that is also know as police certificate from Canada.  As an RCMP accredited Fingerprinting Services agency, we also process ink roll fingerprints by converting them to digital images and submit them electronically to RCMP

Our services are usually required for obtaining Certified Criminal Record Check/Certificate from Canada for obtaining Immigration to Canada and other countries, Canadian Citizenship requirements, Work and licensing requirements in Canada and abroad, US Entry Waiver Applications, Record Suspension Applications,  Applications for US Entry Waiver and many other similar requirements.

. Many of the persons that have lived in Canada or are Canadian citizens and are in need of Certified Criminal Record Check from Canada will find our service efficient and easier to use. This service has helped clients throughout Canada and worldwide such as Japan, India, Pakistan, UAE, Mexico, USA, New Zealand, Portugal, England and Australia, to name a few.

Record Suspension and USA Entry Waiver Application Services:

We specialise in the area preparing the applications for USA Entry Waiver and Record Suspension  (formerly known as Pardon) for  persons with Canadian Criminal Criminal Record history. Our service are unique and we treat our clients professionally and diligently. We treat every case as unique and are happy to assist our customers with complete  privacy and respect. 

We are looking forward to welcome you next as our valued client!

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